Karon Jacobson | Jewellery DesignerKARON JACOBSON launched her jewellery collection in 2012 in Dublin, Ireland.

Karon started making jewellery as a teenager in Toronto, Canada initially to finance her appetite for travel. After studying fashion marketing and merchandising in Montreal she then moved into a career in film and television production. During these years Karon continued to keep one hand on the work bench developing her skills and understanding of working with stones, gold and silver.

When Karon married diamond dealer and fine jewellery specialist Brian Jacobson, she had the ideal blend of her husband’s expert eyes and experience to help advise her on the perfect stones for her designs.

Karon’s strength has always been her flare to interpret styles from foreign lands, mixing the fusion of ethnic influences with contemporary twists, influenced by fashion trends and use of classic jewellery materials.

Today, Karon and Brian travel the world together sourcing unique stones, materials and new techniques to bring something new to each collection.