Travels in India: Beautiful Indian Wedding February 27 2014

Wedding in Rajasthan • February 2014

On my recent work trip to India I had the pleasure to be invited to a friend's wedding. I had heard Indian weddings were typically large events and this party did not disappoint! Our wonderful hosts told us that the wedding was a "modest" affair in size even though there was more than 2,500 people in attendance! The scale of everything was epic... magnificent saris and shimmering jewels adorned the wedding party, the food and decorations creating a luxury carnival atmosphere. 

This was a truly magical experience and I felt so inspired by the beauty of this very special event.

Interview with Backstage @ Brown Thomas November 22 2013

I really enjoyed being interviewed by the Brown Thomas blog 'Backstage' which goes behind the scenes! The interview is entitled Marvel'ous Jewels, as I'm currently part of the Marvel Room designers on Level 1 in store. They asked me about my design influences and inspirations. Just click here to see the full interview.

Thanks to all at Backstage for the interview, it was a pleasure.

Notes from my trip to wondrous Jaipur in India - Day 3 November 18 2013

Karon Jacobson Jewellery new collection pieces from the workshop


I am on my third day into my work trip to Jaipur and I'm making great progress with the new Bracelet Collection.

My focus was to design a bracelet that is both uber cool and stylish, wearable everyday and also appropriate for the gym in both aesthetic and durability. I personally start my day, after a super nutritious breakfast, with minimum 1-2 hrs of physical activity 5-6 days a week. I'm either on my Yoga mat, Pilates Reformer or trekking up a hill! So my jewellery has to compliment my activities and of course, I don't want to take my jewellery off every time I exercise. I sometimes jump in the shower with them on but honestly I wouldn't recommend that all the time.

The new bracelet collection is made with lovely Diamond Charms on either a simple cord in Black or Mink or smooth Onyx Beads with a Silver Clasp. Most importantly, the bracelets look great on their own or stacked with incorporating some of your traditional jewellery like a Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

Notes from my trip to wondrous Jaipur in India November 15 2013

I arrived in Jaipur armed with my sketch book full of new designs and concepts.

What started out as a refined version of my Mala Prayer Bead collection took a sharp turn right when I found these amazing hand carved Onyx Skull Heads. My imagination went into overdrive and the challenge was now technical not just creative. The design came to me immediately but the skulls needed to be drilled in order to hang from the Onyx Beads and have the Silk Tassel flowing out from the jaw of the Skull.

After a few days of talking through the design concept I managed to show the workshop how to make minimal drills into the top and bottom of the skull to maintain the integrity of the pendant. Unfortunately, there are only three skulls so these pieces will be each designed as "one of a kinds". I'm incorporating Silver/Gold/Diamonds to these three limited edition necklaces. The Skull Tassels will be Collectors pieces.

In addition, I have the original design in production using Onyx Beads and magnificent luxurious Silk Tassels in Hot Pink, Dark Purple, Fire Orange, Silky Black. Hope to have ready in the next few weeks....ill post as soon as the are ready!