Jewellery featured in Irish Wedding Magazine - BASH February 04 2014

Bash Irish Bridal Wedding Magazine - Spring 2014

Karon Jacobson Jewellery in Bash Bridal magazine

Very pleased to have my jewellery featured in BASH's Spring edition of their bridal magazine. Bash is a new Irish wedding publication from the people behind IMAGE.

It's a beautiful double page spread with delicate hand drawn illustrations showcasing a number of jeweller's pieces. The combination of drawing and jewellery makes for a really imaginative fashion spread, fusing art and design in a dream like way. 

Pieces featured from my collection are my Diamond Feather Pendant and Onyx Necklace (€2,174), Blue Diamond Bead Necklace (€1,250) and Diamond and Enamel Star Hoop Earrings (€475). For any enquiries just click here to contact me.