Notes from my trip to wondrous Jaipur in India - Day 3 November 18 2013

Karon Jacobson Jewellery new collection pieces from the workshop


I am on my third day into my work trip to Jaipur and I'm making great progress with the new Bracelet Collection.

My focus was to design a bracelet that is both uber cool and stylish, wearable everyday and also appropriate for the gym in both aesthetic and durability. I personally start my day, after a super nutritious breakfast, with minimum 1-2 hrs of physical activity 5-6 days a week. I'm either on my Yoga mat, Pilates Reformer or trekking up a hill! So my jewellery has to compliment my activities and of course, I don't want to take my jewellery off every time I exercise. I sometimes jump in the shower with them on but honestly I wouldn't recommend that all the time.

The new bracelet collection is made with lovely Diamond Charms on either a simple cord in Black or Mink or smooth Onyx Beads with a Silver Clasp. Most importantly, the bracelets look great on their own or stacked with incorporating some of your traditional jewellery like a Diamond Tennis Bracelet.