Notes from my trip to wondrous Jaipur in India November 15 2013

I arrived in Jaipur armed with my sketch book full of new designs and concepts.

What started out as a refined version of my Mala Prayer Bead collection took a sharp turn right when I found these amazing hand carved Onyx Skull Heads. My imagination went into overdrive and the challenge was now technical not just creative. The design came to me immediately but the skulls needed to be drilled in order to hang from the Onyx Beads and have the Silk Tassel flowing out from the jaw of the Skull.

After a few days of talking through the design concept I managed to show the workshop how to make minimal drills into the top and bottom of the skull to maintain the integrity of the pendant. Unfortunately, there are only three skulls so these pieces will be each designed as "one of a kinds". I'm incorporating Silver/Gold/Diamonds to these three limited edition necklaces. The Skull Tassels will be Collectors pieces.

In addition, I have the original design in production using Onyx Beads and magnificent luxurious Silk Tassels in Hot Pink, Dark Purple, Fire Orange, Silky Black. Hope to have ready in the next few weeks....ill post as soon as the are ready!